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Esthy Eitan





2013 – Current   

Post Doctoral, Bar-Ilan University. Subject: Synthesis of silver nanoparticles and study of interactions between surface plasmon (SP) and molecules. Adviser: Dr. Adi Salomon.

2010 – 2013   

Post Doctoral, Material Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University. Subject: Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles for diagnostic and therapeutic treatment. Adviser: Prof. Jean-Paul Lellouche.

2005 – 2010   

Ph.D., Material Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University. Subject: Properties and Structure of water confined in mesoporous materials. Adviser: Prof. Itzhak Mastai.

2003 – 2005   

M.Sc. Material Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University.

2000 – 2003   

B.Sc. Physical Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University.


List of publications:


  • Katzen Dan, Levy Esthy, Yitzhak Mastai "Thin films of silica-carbon nanocomposites for selective solar absorbers", Applied Surface Science 248, 514-517, 2005

  • Eitan Okun, Yahav Dikshtein, Alon Carmeli, Hagar Saida, Gabi Frei, Ben-Ami Sela, Lydia Varshavsky, Asher Ofir, Esthy Levy, Michael Albeck  and Benjamin Sredni "The organotellurium compound ammonium trichloro(dioxoethylene-o,o) tellurate, reacts with homocysteine to form homocystine and decreases homocysteine levels in hyperhomocysteinemic mice", European Journal of Biochemistry  274, 3159-3170, 2007

  • Esthy Levy, Alexander I. Kolesnikov, J-C. Li Yitzhak Mastai, "Studies of water in mesoporous organosilica by calorimetry and inelastic neutron scattering", Surface Science 603, 71-77, 2009

  • Esthy Levy, Lok Kay Chan, Jichen Li and Yitzhak Mastai, "Neutron-scattering study of water confined in periodic mesoporous organosilicas", Journal of Solid State Chemistry 183, 1691-1696, 2010

  • Lee Ghindes-Azaria, Esthy Levy, Keren Keinan-Adamsky and Gil Goobes. "Conformation and Dynamics of Organic Tethers Bound to MCM41-Type Surfaces from Solid State NMR Measurements", Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116, 7442-7449, 2012






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