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Salomon Lab

Current research in Salomon's lab is on interactions between molecules and light at the nano-scale, and real time imaging of electrodes' surfaces as part of INREP group.




Salomon lab combined unique expertise both in surface chemistry and in nanophotonics. We design and synthesize hybrid materials which are based on adsorption of molecules on metallic nano-structures, aiming to create new molecular systems with specific optical properties. Using state of the art fabrication technique available at BINA nano-center and wet chemistry, we fabricate metallic nano-structures; particles; holes and aerogels. Such metallic nano structures act as antennas for the light energy and thus enhance and focus the light field at specific frequencies, much depending on the metallic geometrical parameters.  Molecules located in proximity to such surfaces experience a very strong field and thus their physical/photo-physical properties are altered.  We study those unique properties by optical set-up’s available at Salomon’s lab where the idea is to achieve control on the photo-chemical processes of the studied molecular system. Long range energy transfer processes between molecules, photochemistry on surfaces, energy conversion systems and nonlinear optical properties are examples for on-going researches at Salomon lab.

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Salomon's Lab
Salomon's Lab

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ISM 2024

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